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What Makes Us Different

Right from the start, Squarelet was created to focus on merchants' profitability instead of profiting from its merchants. We believe that by ensuring your profitability, we create a long term win-win relationship that will benefit everyone.

Just take a look at our features and how we execute our services. You will feel at ease with a company that doesn't constantly try to find another way to make more money off you.

True Purpose

Let's be honest, the true reason why you are looking for an eCommerce system is not because it is pretty or easy to use. All you truly want is to build up your online business and let it be profitable while you concentrate on growing your business larger and larger.

You are looking at an eCommerce System that focuses on the what's most important, your sales. Squarelet’s priority is to create more features that help you sell more.

Undeniable Results

We are not shy to say it, we have successful merchants using Squarelet that earns five figures per month. Not convinced? We can arrange for a meet up with these merchants to give you the true story.

How To Choose

We understand that it may be difficult to choose the best eCommerce systems. Here is our advice, why not choose the one that has the most successful merchants?

Total Automation

At Squarelet, our policy is: If it can be automated, do it. If it can't, do it with as few clicks as possible. As you use Squarelet to manage your online shop, you will realised how little you have to do and how much your online shop does the rest.

Lifetime Warranty

Squarelet's entire eCommerce system is covered by a lifetime warranty. That means your shop is guaranteed to be running twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Squarelet Benefits
Squarelet Benefits All In One

All-In-One Solutions

We strongly believe in One Stop Solutions. We have very powerful features that are closely integrated with one another. There is no need to install separate third party applications that have separate costs attached to them.

Problems with Third Party Applications

Some eCommerce Systems rely on third party applications to fill in some feature gaps. However, unless the third party applications have full access to your shop's private data, it will never be able to provide maximum functionalities like an integrated feature can. So, all you are left with are weak features that cannot reach its full potential.

It Just Works

Because Squarelet is integrated, all our features just work. There is no need to waste time with embed codes, config file editing and many other messy workarounds just to get it working right.

Tightly Integrated

All-in-One Solutions means all features are trusted and have access to all necessary information. With this information, reports are much more accurate, options are more flexible, functions are more powerful and actions can be easily automated.

Unnecessary Costs

The total cost of ownership for an All-In-One Solutions will always be lower than systems that rely on third party applications. Here is an example:

Other eCommerce System: RM80/month
Third Party Live Chat System: RM35/month
Third Party Newsletter System: RM40/month
Total Cost: RM155/month or RM1860/year (not including the technical know-how to link the third party systems together)

Squarelet eCommerce System: RM80/month
Built in Live Chat System: RM0/month
Built in Newsletter System: RM0/month
Total Cost: RM80/month or RM960/year

Guiding you every step of the way

What? Read the manual and do it yourself? At Squarelet, we completely disagree.

Personal Shop Assistant

From the moment you sign up with Squarelet, you will be allocated a personal shop assistant who will guide and advice you on how to manage your shop towards making your first sale.

Multiple Communication Channels

As long as you are online, our personal shop assistant will be there. You can email, live chat or voice chat and we will be there to answer all your questions.

Design that Makes Sense

Of course, all the guidance in the world will not be enough if our systems are difficult to use. We have very strict quality assurance for our design decisions. See that button over there? That may have taken a few days of discussion before we decide to put it there.

Squarelet Marketing Expert Consultants

Want to maximize your shop to its full potential? Squarelet offers consulting and training services that can give you that additional boost. Our marketing expert consultants provide advice and conduct detailed analysis of your site using proven methodologies, best practices and techniques that ensures your success. Coming Soon!

Squarelet Benefits Guiding
Squarelet Benefits Upgrades

Upgrades and More Upgrades

The Squarelet eCommerce System is a system that never ends. The advantage of a hosted system compared to an installed system is to enjoy free upgrades implemented at regular intervals. Be at ease, if the feature is not there yet, it will be there soon.

100% Free

All new upgrades added to your shop are free of charge. While we may raise the price for new merchants, your yearly fee will remain the same. This is our way of saying Thank You for your feedback.

We Listen

Your feedback is very valuable to us. Each of your feedback is carefully recorded down and sorted by importance. No feedbacks are ignored or discarded. Even if it is technically impossible to solve a problem (which is very rare), we will always work with you until an alternative solution surfaces.

From Feedback to Features

We translate each feedback into upgrades or new features which we will add to your shop once completed. In fact, we are proud to say most of the latest features you see on Squarelet are the results of our merchant's feedback.

Automatic Upgrade

You do not need to click an 'Install Upgrade' button to get your latest upgrade. All upgrades are implemented by our technical team behind the scenes. Just log in to your shop and it will be sitting there, waiting to assist you.

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